Our Areas Of Work

Structural Steel Detailing

We offer 3D Modeling and Structural Steel Detailing services for main and miscellaneous steel. Provide various kind of reports, shop and erection drawings, gather sheet.

Steel Joist & Deck Detailing

Our Joist and deck designing services typically cover joist girders, open web joist, bridging, deck (Roof Deck, Composite Floor and Non-Composite Form Decks, and accessories).

Engineering & Connection Design

The connection alternatives provided by us will help you with the safest, most economical, and structurally efficient connections.

Estimating Services

We provide estimating and take-off services for almost every building item including Structural and miscellaneous steel etc.

Architecture Services

Offering comprehensive range of architecture services which includes Construction Documentation and other services.

Building Information Modeling

We provide building information modeling services using SDS2 platforms by facilitating collaboration.